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Monitoring and evaluation

Daniel de Freitas

Question from Matlotlo

May you kindly assist and guide me on the monitoring and evaluation of a Balanced Scorecard Performance Management System?


There are many ways to evaluate performance management, whether it be through the classic Balanced Scorecard Approach or whether it be through other well known techniques. The latest trend is not only measuring performance through a Balanced Scorecard Approach, using a 360 assessment, but by proactively focusing on real time goal tracking of each employee, so that at any time (one suitable for the manager I.e. Weekly, monthly or quarterly) the manager is able to see where an employee requires development versus where an employee is performing.

This not only allows for the identification of poor performance and the facilitation of Personal Improvement Plans (PIPs), but it also allows you to track your talent, and reward them appropriately, as to retain them. TotalTalentSolved has a 360 assessment and a real time, performance management and goal tracking system. Feel free to contact us.

Daniel de Freitas is the Managing Consultant at TotatTalentSolved and has a Masters Degree in Industrial Psychology. He is registered with the HPCSA and has over 3 years of experience in Human Capital Business Consulting with clients ranging from small to global organisations. He has adopted a hands-on approach in every project that he has been involved in and has gained invaluable experience. His recent experience and qualification allows him to utilise innovative solutions along with his entrepreneurial and consulting skills that have been adopted across industries which include the Financial Services, Mineral Resource, Insurance, Educational and Social Services sectors. He is knowledgeable in South African labour law and legislation (BCEA, LRA, EEA), recruitment, psychometric testing, training and development, performance management, succession planning and leadership development.