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Innovating for tomorrow’s workforce: Transformation enabled by HR in the Cloud

The great shift of HR applications into the cloud continues, as CHROs pursue cost savings, seek greater IT self-sufficiency, and set their sights on innovation and mobility. Change at this scale requires a strategic vision and executive alignment at a tactical level, as critical systems are targeted for migration and old ways of working are disrupted.

PwC surveyed IT and business executives from over 650 companies around the world during the third quarter of 2015, targeting leaders who work in or support HR. We also conducted live interviews with executives in North America, Europe, and Asia. Our research shows that HR’s big bet on cloud is still dominating the change agenda at an ever increasing rate. For example, last year 23% of companies used SaaS (i.e., cloud) for core HR and another 26% planned to move within three years. Fast forward just one year and the number using SaaS for core HR has climbed to 44% with an additional 30% planning to move in the next one to three years. Download the full report for details on the challenges and opportunities companies are faced with when shifting HR applications into the cloud.