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Bring your own device policies: IT consumerism risks

Bring your own device (BYOD) is a trend which has taken South Africa by storm. Employees use their own smartphones, laptops and tablets in their daily work activities rather than company-issued devices. This trend is also known as IT consumerisation. 


Leveraging technology in labour law, recruitment and related practices

As is the case in any other management function, human resources needs a strong technological foundation underpinning it if it is to be meaningful both in terms of human capital development and labour law compliance. Now, more than ever, employers need to be on their toes as they face increased statutory compliance demands emanating from the recent amendments to statute at NEDLAC.


A new world of work - the future is here

In the highly competitive environment of human resources, a number of trends will create new and differing business needs. How these needs are proactively applied and satisfied, will determine how successful an organisation will be in the future. These trends can be categorised into the following four areas: Economic readjustment; the changing face of human capital; the technological tidal wave; and finally, talent accountability.


Making the virtual workplace a reality

Advancements in technology have changed the world of work dramatically over the last decade. The 21st century workforce wants the freedom to work how, when and where it chooses, and forward thinking companies across the globe are shifting their mindsets to meet this need.


The mobile workforce possibility


The industry has been talking about the benefits of having a true mobile workforce for a long time, but is this a reality in South Africa? In a word, no. Although a more accurate response would be; not yet.