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Can you truly delete something from the digital universe?

Permanent data deletion

What you do on the Internet – especially on social media – these days can get you fired. So to make sure that your online life doesn’t interfere with your worklife, I spoke to Roberto Caprio, managing director at Dial a Nerd, who gave me some nifty tips for covering your digital tracks….


HR and cloud computing: The silver lining

HR cloud computing

Cloud computing has taken the world by storm and is used for almost every business function but still very few people know how it is used for HR functions and why.  Read on to find out what are the:

  • Benefits of cloud computing for the HR function,
  • Trends in HR cloud computing, and
  • Rules you should follow when choosing an HR software/application for your company.


Automation is the biggest technological shift CEOs will face this decade

Shifting to automating business processes is the biggest technological change CEOs will face this decade. The rise of smart machines will force us to turn the way we work upside down and will give birth to new industries and job functions. So what? What does this mean for us?


How to design e-courseware for maximum local impact

By some accounts, e-learning is already a US$56 billion (nearly R600 billion) global business, and is set to double by 2015. The US and Europe account for 70% of the market with the Asia-Pacific contributing to aggressive global growth. In South Africa and Africa, a growing percentage of companies of all sizes and industries are looking to e-learning because of its low delivery costs and high success rate in territories with low levels of fluency and literacy in English.


How National Geographic coordinated their employees in various parts of the world

Connecting National Geographic employees globally

National Geographic, the 125-year-old worldwide non-profit, has more than 1 400 full- and part-time employees, and hundreds of contractors working at its headquarters in Washington, DC and in remote offices throughout the world.  However, the company faced the very real problem of coordinating all their employees. This is how the solved their dilemma…