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Your talent management strategy in the cloud

The concept of a talent management strategy has been around for over a decade and even so, CEO agendas and statements still list it as one of their top five business concerns. CEOs are placing increasing pressure on their HR leaders to address this, demanding that there are no more transactional processing issue, more value-adds, higher employee engagement and effective workforce planning. As a result, HR professionals are desperately scrounging for a solution to address these concerns. This is exactly why many companies are turning to the cloud as an alternative technology solution.


HR, the cloud and Millenials

For the first time in our history, we have five very different generations in the workplace. It's HR's job to find a way of engaging employees across the generations by addressing their different necessities and motivations. The tricky part is catering to each employee's needs in a cost-effective way. Enter the cloud...


Collaboration through HR technology ensures companies retain their competitive edge

Organisations that don't embrace today's world of connectedness - with social, collaborative and employee-driven learning - risk being left behind. Although it's still early days, collaborative working environments – made possible by HR technology - are fast becoming a trend in the South African workplace. These environments strongly support the 70:20:10 model for learning and development where only 10% of learning and development occur through formal classes and courses, while the remaining 90% occur through experiential and informal learning in the workplace. How do you create these environments?


Empowering women through the Internet

Women and the Internet

Women have been left behind on the technology ladder. Particularly in developing economies, they’re trailing men, creating a digital gender gap. However, wired women - with access to the Internet - have a tool for empowerment.


Beware of these 3 after the holiday season

Around this time, your employees are probably looking at their phones with expectant eyes, waiting patiently for that ‘magical’ sms saying their salary has landed in their account – all because they were a bit too free with their money over December… This is the perfect time for scammers to come out in full force as there are only too many cash-strapped people out there. I’ve listed three of the biggest scams currently so that you and your employees can stay one step ahead of the prowling fraudsters!