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Throughout the month of August, South Africans express not only their gratitude and admiration for the women in their lives, but also take time to remember the struggles of inspirational women who fought for equal rights so many years ago.

“With the backdrop of Women’s Month, however, it is concerning to see how little progress is being made in terms of gender equality in the workplace.”
This is according to Kay Vittee, CEO of Quest Staffing Solutions, who was recently named the Oliver Empowerment Award’s Top Empowered Female Leader of the Year 2015.


Expungement to help minor offenders find employment

The significant increase in fraud and corruption in the South African business landscape has seen business leaders prioritise background screening services before committing to employment, contract and tender agreements.

This is according to Ina van der Merwe, director and CEO of South African background screening company, Managed Integrity Evaluation (MIE), who notes that employers are becoming more cautious in their hiring.

She says, “Although many organisations may not have screened potential employees for criminal records in the past, the increasing occurrence of qualification fraud in South Africa has given businesses more reason to doubt the honesty of job-seekers.”

“The increasing use of technology such as the South African Police Service (SAPS) Automated Fingerprint Identification System (AFIS) has also contributed to the greater uptake of background screening for criminal histories,” van der Merwe adds.


Understanding Performance – and applying it to the business world

Think of a world where you spend the majority of your time training to perform and then the occasional amount of time actually having your performance capabilities tested out. For the most part, that is the world of professional sport and as a result there’s been a huge amount of time, money and effort invested into understanding the biggest influences on performance and gaining control over those same variables.

Think of a world where you spend the majority of your time having your performance capabilities tested out and there’s an occasional flurry of activity that is focused on training and development time. From our experience, that’s pretty much the corporate world and one that is characterised by an excessive focus on outputs without fully understanding the science of human performance. Why is the science of human performance important? Well, the people who deliver the inputs that are designed to produce the outputs obviously have an enormous influence on the final success achieved.


New HR study finds continuous appraisal more helpful than annual performance reviews

Top performing employers are shifting from traditional annual performance reviews in favour of a more agile and collaborative appraisal process.


Why it is important for a leader to be a good coach

The concept of leadership has through the ages been researched and redefined in a way that challenges leaders to integrate knowledge and experience.

These days, emotional intelligence, work experience and a commitment to personal and professional development are significant in transforming managers into leaders and workers into thinkers. In doing so, it provides leaders with the opportunity to nurture employees’ aspirations and goals, in line with those of the business goals.