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Data: the key to HR’s success?

I often feel sorry for those people who have not had an element of IT in their careers. IT has a way of changing the game on a continuous basis, prompting new buzzwords and acronyms on a regular basis. When referring to data, the new buzzword now seems to be ‘big data’ (sounds impressive) but what does this mean for those in traditional line functions such as HR?


4 Steps to develop your personal leadership brand

In this highly competitive modern business world, South African companies need to find solutions to differentiate themselves from competitors in the global and local marketplaces. One of the ways to assist with this is to develop a unique leadership brand for your company.


How your deepest fears can sabotage your open-mindedness

The wonderful news is that good change always brings about growth – something that you should remember when your employees are giving you uphill during a change in your company. Remember that fear and growth go hand in hand and that not every person, as they begin this change and growth process, makes it through to the triumphant end because their fears get in the way, sabotaging the desired end point. Why so? Because few people understand how the mind works or what impact severe thought changes have on the body. Let us explain more.