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We need to transform HR

The marketplace is constantly changing which begs the following question: in this fluctuating environment, how can companies succeed? The answer – said Professor Dave Ulrich at the recent Progress Conference presented by the Business Results Group in association with the Gordon Institute of Business Science (Gibs) – is by changing the HR system in your company. You can ensure that your company's HR system is turned around by marrying strategic HR and HR strategy.


SA trending towards temporary employment in South Africa

Africa is unique as global labour trends often don't apply to us. Our realities are, in many ways, so far removed from the US, UK and European norms that international trends seldom, if ever, reach South Africa. Sometimes, we fall in line with these trends despite our great differences and our seemingly 'buck-the-trend' labour policies and practices. A recent research study - conducted by recruitment firm, PageGroup - found that employers from 17 different countries were positive and confident about temporary employment, and expected the need for these types of workers to increase or remain high.


HR directors: A detailed profile

Today, South African business faces a variety of human resources-related challenges, from workforce instability and talent management strategy through to regulatory compliance needs. "Perhaps the most significant of these challenges," says Anja van Beek, HR Director for Sage AAMEA ((Asia, Australia, Middle East and Africa), "lies in aligning the company's people, with the vision of its leadership and the culture of the company." In this context, what are the most important qualities that HR directors need to possess and what are the challenges they face?


Reduce your talent-related costs with automated access-management solution

Staff turnover

HR professionals at retail organisations know all too well that employee turnover can be extremely high - sometimes in excess of 70%. This means that talent might get hired, on-boarded and leave the organisation in a matter of months – and the IT department doesn't even know about them. This is a very costly process and retail organisations have found that automated access-management solutions can help bring this expense down.


SA HR practitioners haven’t yet realised that they are strategic business partners

Over the past year or so, there has been a lot of talk about HR being strategic partners with business leaders and that this function needs to step up and claim their rightful role at the C-level of the organisation. However, this is not happening says Buyani Zwane CEO at Breakthrough Development and part-time lecturer at the Gordon Institute of Business Science.