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6 Qualities to look for in your HR solution

Anja van Beek

Even the smallest companies are looking for human resources (HR) solutions that help them automate their HR processes and that give them information that helps them to make better HR-related decisions. The reason for this is simple: a good software solution will give time back to your HR and payroll managers and make their lives easier.

This, in turn, will free them up to focus on developing the business’s people, optimising their performance and aligning HR with the business strategy rather than spending hours every day on paperwork. Here are a few things you should look for in a good HR solution:

1.    Scalability

Your solution should be able to grow alongside your business and keep pace with the growing size of your workforce. It should also allow you add new features and functionality as your business becomes more complex. For example, it should accommodate multiple currencies and legal systems across different countries if expansion into Africa is on your agenda.

2.    Automation

Your solution should set you free from paperwork. For example, it should turn leave and expense approvals into a simple electronic process. If it’s integrated with your payroll system, it will also spare you the inconvenience of recapturing data such as leave days. Instead, it will automatically update the data in the payroll package from the leave approval workflow.

3.    Employee self-service

With the right HR package in place, you’ll be able to give your staff members convenience and access to information. They’ll be able to view their leave balances as they appear on the payroll database and apply for leave from their computers or mobile phones.

They will also be able to update personal information, access payslips and IRP5s and capture overtime online. That makes their lives easier and reduces time dealing with routine queries for the HR department.

4.    Compliance

Your solution must help you to comply with relevant local labour and tax laws. Together with your payroll software, your HR solution must stay up to date with laws around deductions, levies, tax incentives, SARS regulations, employment equity and more. An automated solution will take care of calculating the complex formulas, generating the relevant compliance reports, and keeping accurate records.

5.    Modern technology architecture

Ensure that the solution is built on flexible modern technology that accommodates today's trends - mobility and the cloud, for example.

6.    Management information

We’re seeing more and more demand for dashboards, management reporting and other tools that help managers improve decision making. A good HR system should provide information that allows for better business forecasting and planning. For example, staying on top of leave requests, absenteeism, manpower planning and salary costs can be useful detail needed to help you plan projects.

Anja van Beek

• Anja is an independent leadership consultant, talent strategist and coach with over 20 years of HR executive experience in the Africa, Middle East, Asia and Australia region. She has lead multi-national teams through transition and change management.

• She is a champion of leadership development and has interests in corporate culture, employee engagement and mentoring. Her other HR passions are strategic business partnering, succession planning, talent management and reward & recognition.

• Anja is a speaker and facilitator on cultural change, organisational emotional intelligence, and adaptive leadership. Anja consults executives and leaders from small businesses through to large organisations on all people-related aspects with a specific focus on integrating the talent of the business into the overall strategy.

• Over the years she has become an expert in coaching leaders and teams in managing behavioural change in the ever-changing business landscape. Anja also works for various companies as a facilitator in the area of leadership development, mentoring and change management.