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Reduce your talent-related costs with automated access-management solution

Dean Wiech

Staff turnover

HR professionals at retail organisations know all too well that employee turnover can be extremely high - sometimes in excess of 70%. This means that talent might get hired, on-boarded and leave the organisation in a matter of months – and the IT department doesn't even know about them. This is a very costly process and retail organisations have found that automated access-management solutions can help bring this expense down.

Many global retail organisations have implemented identity and access-management solutions as they realise an account management solution can automate the provisioning process, eliminating many hours of work and unnecessary costs.

In addition, many retail organisations use automated access-management solutions to improve the security of their networks. What's very interesting is that they're assigning their HR department to manage these solutions. Here's why:

  • Once talent leaves the business, they're able to make changes to his or her profile as all accounts connected to that person are automatically disabled.
  • This helps to ensure that employees who are no longer with the company can't access anything on the network once they've left. Since HR is the first to know about the turnover of talent, it makes sense to have this responsibility assigned to this department.

Managing information about your talent is as simple as entering their information into a form where the access-management solution automatically creates all his accounts in all the systems and applications he needs to work in. HR representatives are able to see quickly which employee has access to exactly what applications and what changes employees are making in the network, and are then able to work with talents' managers to make any needed corrections to access rights, if needed.

By using automated access-management solutions, HR departments are better able to manage employees and their on- and off-boarding while reducing the load on the IT departments. Since high employee turnover rates often require a full-time IT staff member to manage these tasks, automating the process allows for fewer IT positions to manage this. IT folks can then be reassigned to higher priorities or you can reduce their positions reduced, meaning the resources can be used in other areas of the business.

Organisations without such solutions or those without a plan to manage the process of automating this portion of the hiring process face several issues because of the high employee turnover rates.

Dean Wiech is the managing director of Tools4ever. Tools4ever supplies a variety of software products and integrated consultancy services involving identity management, such as user provisioning, RBAC, password management, SSO and access management.