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The dangers of using a personal LinkedIn profile for recruitment

There is a trend, within companies, to use the personal LinkedIn profile of one of their HR employees in the company’s e-recruitment efforts to find potential candidates. However, this methodology is extremely dangerous.


Get your candidates to enhance their social media profiles with these 3 tips

Jamaaludeen Khan, internationally acclaimed trainer and strategic consultant in social media, tells us how we can advise candidates to make their social media profiles ‘employer friendly.’


How to recruit on LinkedIn in 2013

LinkedIn is now the preferred choice for searching for talent. US research reveals 93% of recruiters visit this network before they go anywhere else.


Looking for great new talent? Just Google it

Google has become the definitive source for web search, handling 65.2% of all searches worldwide – more than four times the number of pages indexed by runners-up Yahoo! and Bing combined. In 2006, the Merriam-Webster Collegiate Dictionary even included the word "Google," as a new transitive verb as in, let’s “google it.” Similarly in South Africa, Google dominates the web as the first place for search when people start their journey online.


How to find the perfect ICT professional for your company

The South African information and communication technologies (ICT) sector is well established and cutting edge. Because our ICT market is so sophisticated, the type of candidate you will need to recruit to fill positions in this industry need to be highly qualified and “tech savvy”. Very often, top candidates are not actively listed in the job market, which means that searching on conventional e-recruitment sites will not give you the results you were hoping for. This means you need to find these candidates elsewhere. The question is: Where?


8 Easy ways for graduates to get ahead in their careers

It’s no secret that there are thousands of qualified people desperate for entry-level jobs in South Africa. If candidates are lucky enough to land one, how would they go about turning their first jobs into a successful, long-term career? Here is some valuable advice which you can give the next candidate you meet.


#Recruiterlessons from the Savage Truth Tour

More than 300 South African recruiters joined the Federation of African Professional Staffing Organisation (APSO) at the Savage Truth seminars held in Cape Town, Durban and Joburg earlier this month. The feedback showed that the delegates got everything they hoped and more, and you only have to look at the Tweets that were flying during the seminars to see that Greg’s experiences and insights really resonated with local recruiters.


Design your office to attract the best talent

Today, modern workspaces need to be optimally planned to attract, retain and engage employees. Previously, staff only worked at the office and the focus was on structured tasks. However now professionals are networked and connected all over the world, in various offices and settings. They work across time zones and require shared spaces to work with colleagues who are both close by and far away. Indeed, the office has become more than just a single workspace - it is now a palette of places and shared experiences.


Get serious about social recruiting and find the good candidates faster

Social recruiting brings about a powerful new way of finding hard-to-reach candidates as talent increasingly shifts online. And if you want to get to these candidates, you need to embrace social recruiting.