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How to deal with discrimination in your recruitment strategy

Young blonde secretary

We've all been there. Your client gives you a recruitment brief and then says something about their preference (think 'pretty young blonde' on the front desk) that you know isn't right but also know that if you don't deliver, you won't secure the placement. So, what do you do when you're stuck between a rock and a hard place?


The value of assessment centres in your recruitment strategy

 Last week, the HR Pulse team attended the 34th Annual Assessment Centre Study Group (ACSG) Conference at the Protea Hotel in Stellenbosch. Some of the top professionals in the assessment centre field participated in this event and provided insights into the assessment centre landscape. According to the ACSG committee, assessment centres have proven to provide rich layers of information for managerial decision-making. After having attended the conference, I've realised that one of these layers of information is a business' recruitment strategy.


Recruitment strategy: Make your candidate less nervous

Interviewing candidates

'INTERVIEW': A word that has the capability to raise anxiety, fear, doubt and panic in even the most experienced job seekers. Very few candidates make it through an interview without feeling nervous at some point because they know well that their responses in an interview could change their careers. As part of your recruitment strategy, you need to make a candidate less nervous and bring out the best in her by treating the interview like a discussion and not a cross examination. Here are six ways you can do this.


Design your talent management strategy and don’t lose top talent: Part 1

Talent management

One of the most urgent issues for organisations in their 2014 talent management strategy will be how leaders can effectively target, nurture and advance top talent in their organisations. Recent research by the global Centre for Talent Innovation (CTI) has shown that an inherently diverse workforce can be a powerful source of innovation because different individuals seem to be better attuned to the unmet needs of consumers or clients. So how can leaders leverage and develop diverse talent, in their talent management strategies, in 2014?


How to design your recruitment strategy and job description when hiring IT professionals

I've been in the business of recruiting IT professionals for the past four years and I've never met such an interesting, intelligent and quirky bunch of people in my life. Taking this into account, I strongly feel that we need to consider the uniqueness of IT professionals in our recruitment strategy when we write job descriptions as well as the way we interview these people. Many IT professionals change jobs quite frequently as they constantly look for new challenges. These new challenges need to be highlighted in the job descriptions you write.


How to fit e-cruitment into your recruitment strategy

Integrating e-cruitment into your company's recruitment strategy is possibly not as prevalent in South Africa as it is in other countries. According to an SA HR Recruitment Trend Survey that MCI Consultants conducted in 2013, 58% of organisations use social media as an integral part of their recruitment strategy. People have differing views on the value of e-cruitment and the secret is to ensure that as you engage with the different mediums, you build a large network of potential candidates. Read on to find out more about what we learned.


Investigating the iceberg

Recruitment strategy

Make background screening part of your recruitment strategy

In 1912, the doomed Titanic hit the fatal iceberg because it didn't realise the danger ahead before it was too late. In the same way, what we know of our employees is often just fraction of the real picture, so your recruitment strategy has to address this. Just as you don't want your company to sink, you need go deeper to gain clarity in security detailing or analysis. You may only be looking at an eighth of the picture. Is that what you want to base your security decisions on?


The key to a successful recruitment strategy


There is a war for talent at the moment, causing companies headaches and unprecedented opportunities for potential employees. The talent pool is getting smaller as more businesses pop up, skills immigrate and many large corporates vie for the same talent. Simultaneously, the current motivation systems are starting to push the desired employees away. How do you stop this problem? We'd like to suggest that the solution lies in applying gamification principles to your recruitment strategy.


In recruitment hiring new employees is a costly affair


It's often tempting to hire a batch of new employees when productivity starts to wan but the true cost of recruitment versus retraining current employees can be higher than expected.