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Expatriates: What is your strategy?

The decision to employ an expatriate is not to be taken lightly. The most commonly cited reason that organisations employ expatriates is a shortage of specific skills in the local environment. From an employee's perspective, the attraction of expatriate assignments can be multifaceted. The opportunity is seen as a vehicle for enhanced wealth, professional and social development and the experiential component of residing in a foreign country. What approach should your organisation take for its expatriate strategy?


Find top talent through social recruitment

As the upsurge in social media use continues to promote the explosion of online communities around the world, the expanding reach of these channels makes them increasingly attractive talent-harvesting tools. We spend more time than ever on social networks, and forward-thinking businesses looking to capitalise on this trend have joined the online conversation to reach potential hires in a social and cost-effective way. Businesses that recognise social media's value in spreading an employer brand image and targeting the best talent can consistently attract the most qualified, suitable, and enthusiastic candidates. How?


Business analysts – connecting business and technology

Business analysis is a critical skill for 21st century organisations, and the global demand for good business analysts greatly exceeds the supply. Technology applications have moved out of the back office and into the consumer and social domain. While traditional IT systems still form the backbone of modern applications, business solutions as a whole have become immeasurably more complex and are now used by a range of stakeholders and users who are both demanding and technology literate. Consequently, the traditional IT function must design, develop, implement and maintain the complex systems that form part of the solution.


Talent management is a vital edge in the digital agency world

For a business that's so driven by its people, the digital agency environment is one characterised by high levels of staff turnover and burn-out. What's more, many agencies are also finding it difficult to keep their skills base up to date in an ever-evolving landscape. These realities show just how important it is for digital agencies to start thinking about talent management as a strategic priority. Management needs to take charge and understand that growing an enthusiastic, professional team is the best reason to get up and go to work every morning.


5 Reality checks for recruiters

Career advice articles litter the Internet - how to write a cover letter, how to write a CV, how to interview well and how to get the 'dream job'. Most articles repeat the same-old sage advice that quite frankly most career seekers should already know. Some try to get creative with clever intros and themes but most simply skim the surface of what is a really deep and desperate issue. They tiptoe around the truth with euphemisms and politically correct phrases. It's time for some cold hard truth. Here are the five reality checks for recruiters.


Recruiting social: Avoid the rockstars!

With the advent of social media has come the inevitable creation of new social media-focused positions across businesses large and small. In addition, a new global phenomenon has arisen where people have updated their CVs to include social media expertise and knowledge in the hope of increasing their employability. But in a world where every second person claims to be a social media guru, how do you – as an employer or recruiter – know who to hire?


Employee screening - polygraph vs. integrity test?

Do you want to catch a worker out after they've told lie? Get to the bottom of theft and corruption when the money is already missing and your reputation is in tatters? A polygraph test is a fallible investigative tool, which many companies use in their employee screening processes. However, with an integrity test you have greater peace of mind that all of your employees are always honest and ethical. This will ensure that employee management – for you – isn't a headache.


Incorporate adaptive learning technology in your recruitment strategy

In the last decade, online learning technology has grown at a rapid pace. Learner management systems are really old news as these require expensive IT investment, time and consultant support to help with uploading content. All this is a thing of the past now and the development of cloud-based computing makes Software As A Service (SAAS) affordable and convenient.


How to write an enticing job spec to attract the best talent

As a recruiter, you need to advise your clients – as part of their recruitment strategy – that it's vital for you to have a really good job spec for the position they need you to recruit for. A job spec needs to reach out and grab the attention of job seekers, and ultimately convince them that this is their dream job. Never underestimate the power of a well-written job spec. It should be concise, clear and accurate; typically one to two pages long, and should include the following elements.