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Forecasting: An effective resource planning technique

JONCORP HOLDINGS* is dependent on resource planning for the organisational functioning of the company. The key factor is being able to predict future staff supply and demands as the company is highly labour dependent. Like all companies talent is in short supply - planning is essential for survival.


Newest trends in psychometric testing

Did you know psychometric testing can improve your chances of successful recruitment?

In the past, emphasis was often placed on fitting the job to the worker. The job description could be “altered” to suit the employee, promoting employee morale and satisfaction. However, this means of employee selection could be detrimental to the company as it was too flexible, too subjective and did not take the company’s needs into account. As a result of this, psychometric testing was introduced as a more structured and objective means of assessing people for occupational fit.


Building an E-Cruitment strategy

Why bother with E-Cruitment when traditional recruitment has always worked? Actually traditional recruitment is spectacularly inefficient and has always frustrated CEO, Line and HR. Whether working with knowledge workers or in a blue-collar industry, there is no doubt that there are recruitment issues in most businesses.


Creating the workforce of the future

One size definitely doesn’t fit all – especially when it comes to management and leadership competencies. This kind of mindset doesn’t pay sufficient attention to role demands and the organisational hierarchies that determine the strategic perspective required. Such generally applied models, while useful in shaping work culture and establishing new values, fall short when applied to career-pathing and succession-management needs.


Job profiling – a roadmap for success

Agnes Botha is the HR Manager for a major corporate - one of her responsibilities is to evaluate each person’s occupation and summarise key outputs that are essential to overall performance. Job profiling is an important part of Agnes’s planning as it entails mapping the responsibilities, qualifications, competencies and reporting lines of employees.