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Online recruitment trends to look out for in 2016

Marc Privett

There is no denying that online recruitment continues to grow, both in terms of the number of positions advertised and new job seekers signing up. At Careers24 we saw a 25% increase in the number of jobs posted in 2015 compared to the year before and we had 244 000 new candidate registrations. Here are my predictions of some trends we can expect to see from these users this year:

Increased awareness of the value of employer branding
A company’s branding and positioning plays an important role in its ability to attract talent. Companies and recruiters are developing a better understanding of employer branding and its importance. How a company is perceived by employers and potential candidates can either help it to attract and sign top talent or discourage candidates from considering job opportunities or offers from that particular organisation.

Shift towards selling opportunities to talent
Thanks to the growth of the internet and social media, it is now possible to quite easily find people who are qualified to do almost any job. What is now far more challenging for recruiters is selling opportunities to prospective candidates. Recruiters have to develop strong selling skills and companies have to continuously find ways to convince particularly top candidates to apply for positions, come to multiple interviews and accept their offers.

Focus on retention of existing employees
As it takes time and money to find the right people for the jobs at hand and it can be both disruptive and costly when they leave, we can expect to see a growing focus on the retention of existing employees. More companies are investing in retaining their talent.

Quality of hire to become the most important measure for recruiters
The quality of candidates hired, rather than the number of applications or placements will become the most important measure of success for recruiters. By measuring the performance of new hires it is possible to identify high-performing and low-performing staff members. Studying what the top-performing employees have in common will help HR teams to determine the selection criteria they can apply to help predict if a new recruit will be successful. The recruiting process can also be refined by eliminating the elements which did not work and lead to the appointment of weaker performers.

As people are increasingly becoming able to work from anywhere, anytime and on any device, they want to be able to look for and apply for jobs with the same flexibility.

Data-focused decision making in job placements
Technological developments have made it possible to collect, store and share vast amounts of data which can be applied to help make business decisions, including in the Human Resource management sphere. Analysing data will, among a host of other things, reveal which sources are producing quality applications, which types of interviews and questions best identify future top performers and continue to produce quality applicants and hires. Data will still have to be backed up by hard evidence.

Mobile-friendly recruiter applications and touch points
Smart phones and mobile devices have become part of everyone’s daily lives. As it is increasingly becoming the communications channel with the highest response rate, it is imperative that all recruiter applications and touch points must be mobile-friendly. Smart recruiters will apply best practices which include allowing people to apply for positions on any mobile device.

Marc Privett is the head of product and customer insights at Careers24, focusing on finding new and innovative ways to recruit online. He has over 15 years local and international general management, product management and digital marketing experience with a focus on maximising revenue and market share for online organisations.

Marc has been instrumental in transforming the Careers24 business into South Africa’s biggest job site and has expanded Careers24 into other African regions.