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The Cutting Edge of Recruitment

Carin Lightstone

Which recruitment method is more cost effective than a traditional recruitment agency, shortens the recruitment cycle, increases the likelihood that candidates will accept your job offer, and improves the likelihood that new employees will stay with your company? In two words: “Social Recruiting”.

Caroline Berns of Ericsson – one of the speakers at the KR Electronic Recruitment Conference – explained how Ericsson uses Social Recruiting to effectively compete for its market share of the local talent pool:

All Ericsson employees are encouraged to become active Brand Ambassadors on Social Media. Specialized platforms enable them to easily share approved company and industry specific content to their Facebook, Twitter or LinkedIn networks. In this way, the Ericsson employer brand (as well as the Ericsson consumer brand) is enhanced by people who are most likely to be trusted by potential employees and customers: their own friends and family members.

Ericsson’s Technology for Good initiatives are particularly well received on social media. These initiatives appeal to millennials in particular, who are often driven towards making a meaningful social contribution.

Ericsson also makes use of employee referrals, motivating their employees to share open roles with their social networks. A candidate who is referred this way is more likely to accept a job offer and to stay with the company – probably because they’ve been exposed to the company’s employer brand through someone they know, and because they can discuss the company’s work culture with this person to see whether the work environment would be a good fit for them before applying.

The message is clear: If you want to effectively recruit your share of the talent pool, you need to empower your employees to become Brand Ambassadors on social media, and to leverage the power of their social networks to reach potential candidates. The employee advocacy platform SocialChorus estimates that just 135 active Brand Ambassadors on Social Media are worth more to your company than a million likes of your Facebook page.

Carin Lightstone works as a Senior Facilitator at The 2Q Institute, where she draws on her professional background as a speech therapist to coach executive clients on their Introverted Leadership, Emerging Leadership and Socially Intelligent Leadership courses.