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Payroll and taxes

How to improve financial literacy to enhance your employees’ lives


Around 65 years ago, George Bernard Shaw pointed out: “The single biggest problem with communication is the illusion that it has taken place.”

Yet even today, in the era of information overload, we still don’t get it!


You could be liable for a R10 million fine if you don’t contribute to your employees’ pension funds!

Before September 2007, if you didn’t contribute to your employees’ pension or provident funds, you could be held criminally liable, according to the Pension Funds Act, 1956 (PFA).


The road towards financial freedom at retirement

An average of 6% of South Africans can successfully retire on the money saved during their working life without drastically comprising their quality of life at retirement. These shocking statistics have made the National Treasury propose some changes to retirement reform.


10 must-know tips for selecting a payroll software solution

1. Size does matter: Choose a payroll and/or HR package that suits the size and needs of your organisation. Do not waste money on a solution designed to accommodate 400 employees with all the bells and whistles if you have 25 employees on your payroll and the main objective is to ensure all deductions and calculations are in line with the six major payroll and HR acts.


Steinhoff International HR reporting: A multifaceted but simple approach

When one works with Steinhoff International to understand some of their challenges in the reporting space, there are few surprises. The root causes of data and associated reporting challenges are usually easily identifiable and, especially in the case of large corporates, often historic.