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Payroll and taxes

How fast should wages be growing?

Wage growth is always topical because we all want to know how our salaries and wages might grow. We all want to know if we are being short changed, and if our wages are fair.  As workers, we want more, many employers want to pay less as a matter of course and as HR professionals, we want to know what to advise management so that key staff are retained and morale is maintained, while costs are not unnecessarily increased.


Take the fear out of completing your individual tax return!


Completing your individual tax return can be cumbersome and overwhelming, especially if you are uninformed about the basics. The important part of completing a tax return is to know exactly what you are allowed to claim as a deduction and then to understand how you should claim that deduction.


What must you do to safeguard your company from payroll fraud?

In the current tough economic climate, businesses are in survival mode. People need to work harder than ever before to get recognition from the companies they work for. Unfortunately, this gives rise to many disgruntled employees who feel that they are working at 150% capacity but are not getting rewarded for it. As such, these individuals are more than happy to “dip their hands in the payroll jar” to get what they feel they deserve from the company.


Align your payroll systems and people development

How well do you know the people in your company? Do your payroll system and HR data reflect this awareness? Many companies take it for granted that their systems and the data that are housed within these systems are aligned with the personal progress and development of their people - until they need specific information and find it is not easily available…



Employee benefits programmes: Who are these really benefitting?

South Africa had, according to Stats SA, 13.6 million employed people in the first quarter of 2013. During this same period, employment in the formal sector grew 0.8% while employment in the informal sector grew 4.1%. So with all of these employees currently active in the labour market, are they getting benefits packages which are actually profiting them?