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Payroll and taxes

Tax legislation addresses South Africa’s housing shortage

As President Jacob Zuma stated in his state of the nation address this year, 2014 is the deadline for housing in South Africa to be improved. Finance minister, Pravin Gordhan announced in the budget speech that new tax legislation will shift the burden of providing low-income housing to those in need to the municipalities to speed up the housing-delivery process. Now, government has made it easier for employers to give low-income employees housing.


Medical aid tax credits have gone up

As happens every year when finance minister Pravin Gordhan reads his budget speech, medical aid tax credits have gone up. Individuals receive 257 credits while 172 credits are awarded for additional individuals, says Sonika van Wyk: legislation business consultant at CRS Technologies. Read on to find out the other changes to the medical aid tax credits system that you need to be aware of.


Understanding which employees qualify for the employment tax incentive: part 2

Before the payroll system can calculate the employment tax incentive, there must be an eligible employer who has qualifying employees. But who are eligible employees and qualifying employees?


What the Employment Tax Incentive means for your business: Part 1

Employment tax incentive

Around 50% of South Africans under 25 and of working age are unemployed. This situation, which has persisted for many years, has dire implications for the country's future unless it's reversed. Will the employment tax incentive – which is part of the recent amendments to the taxation laws – be the answer to this problem?


What types of employee rewards are most effective? Part 2

In our article last week, we said that we often receive calls from employers who are desperate for a way to better their employee management practices. One of the requests that we hear most often is for us to help them with their employee-retention strategies. We mentioned that one of the things we look at it is the indirect rewards that the company gives their employees. We also look at the non-financial employee rewards which are given.