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What can we expect from the 2014 budget?

2014 Budget

The minister of finance, Pravin Gordhan, will present this year’s budget on 26 February and as we move closer to this date, the burning question on every employee’s lips is if personal tax rates will go up or down.  Of course, the people who know what’s in the budget aren’t talking so we have to make an educated guess about what we can expect. The only way to do this is to pick up trends by looking back at last year’s budget. The 2013 budget proposed a number of changes to some important areas of employment (the retirement reforms have already been discussed in a previous article) of which the following are the bigger projects.


Take the fear out of completing your individual tax return!


Completing your individual tax return can be cumbersome and overwhelming, especially if you are uninformed about the basics. The important part of completing a tax return is to know exactly what you are allowed to claim as a deduction and then to understand how you should claim that deduction.


6 Facts every HR manager needs to know from this year’s budget speech

Finance minister, Pravin Gordhan, delivered a safe budget, with no real surprises, last Wednesday 27 February. He announced R7 billion in personal tax relief, which is R2.5 billion less than last year. 


What will Pravin announce in this year’s budget?

On 27 February, finance minister Pravin Gordhan will announce the Budget Speech for this coming tax year. The question on most HR professionals’ lips is: “What will he announce about employee benefits?”


New income insurance product aims to cover temporary incapacity

Advanced Incapacity Management Solutions (AIM Solutions) has launched a short-term insurance product, underwritten by Lion of Africa Insurance, which provides employee income insurance for temporary incapacity for a period of 12 months. This product is unique in that it is designed to manage claims rather than increase premiums.