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Align your payroll systems and people development

How well do you know the people in your company? Do your payroll system and HR data reflect this awareness? Many companies take it for granted that their systems and the data that are housed within these systems are aligned with the personal progress and development of their people - until they need specific information and find it is not easily available…



Payroll is on the front lines of business operation

The South African payroll administration industry has matured. With the offer of more technology, access to skills sets and improved levels of control, decision makers in business have several options available regarding how they want to manage mission-critical business disciplines such as payroll.


10 must-know tips for selecting a payroll software solution

1. Size does matter: Choose a payroll and/or HR package that suits the size and needs of your organisation. Do not waste money on a solution designed to accommodate 400 employees with all the bells and whistles if you have 25 employees on your payroll and the main objective is to ensure all deductions and calculations are in line with the six major payroll and HR acts.


Steinhoff International HR reporting: A multifaceted but simple approach

When one works with Steinhoff International to understand some of their challenges in the reporting space, there are few surprises. The root causes of data and associated reporting challenges are usually easily identifiable and, especially in the case of large corporates, often historic.


Connected services are here to stay

Softline Pastel Payroll’s connected services division enables SMEs to extend their desktop payroll with an online solution that will ease the growing burden of HR managers and payroll administrators.