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Merging employee benefits divisions of Metropolitan and Momentum

Merging two of South Africa’s largest insurance companies is a complex undertaking. When the aim is to reduce costs substantially without retrenching any employees, then the challenges multiply significantly. MMI Holdings Limited (MMI) is a South African-based financial services group listed on the South African stock exchange, the JSE.


Living in a sick society

Throughout the world, there is an ongoing debate on it. While, the Europeans have made a great success of it and some say that their model should be applied to the entire world, American Conspiracy Theorists think that Former US President John F. Kennedy was probably killed for it. In 2008, Hillary Rodham Clinton lost the Democratic presidential nomination because of it. US President Obama mandated that everyone have it or companies have to pay a fine. Republican opponents scorned the law as ‘Obamacare’ and fought it with some success. Theoretically, National Health Insurance (NHI), should provide a respectable level of care to a large number of people, however it does come with a price.