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Casualisation-stepping stone towards the new underclass?

Over 1000 temporary employees (casual workers) at South African Postal Office (SAPO) agreed to return to work after a four month strike. These workers were represented by the Communication Workers Union (CWU) even though casual workers don't belong to the Union. The casual workers and the union leaders want labour brokering banned and temporary employees to be made permanent.


Trade unions vs big business-is it a question of semantics?

Big business and trade unions have always been at loggerheads. While the unions fight for their workers, big business fights for the bottom line. But is it really that simple? Earlier this year Loane Sharp, a labour economist at Adcorp, set of a war of words when he wrote in Business Day that unions are South Africa’s biggest stumbling block to job creation - seemingly a strong contradiction of what unions stand for, namely the protection of workers’ rights and work security.


We dare not fail

Both the Presidency and the Ministry for Women, Children, and People with Disabilities have said government has to achieve a target of at least 2% of its workforce comprising of people with disabilities by 2013. This drive, however, dates back many years, and while government says failure is not an option, it has failed in this regard before.