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Employment Relations: Back to Basics

As a business scientist who provides strategic thought leadership and facilitates strategies across all sectors of the economy and state, I have found that people practices always feature as the key enabler of the organisation. As a business doctor with organisations being my ‘patients’, I am confronted, without exception, with the need for organisations to deal with the A to Z of people practices as demanded by their business strategies. In some instances, the lack of productive people practices become so dire and debilitating that the organisation becomes literally sick in more ways than one.

Well-meaning HR and Labour Relations Practitioners are keen to bring about change but are desperately looking for how to do it – and to do it right. Which makes me wonder, and respectfully question, what is covered in the syllabi of undergraduate programmes and even short courses which come two to the dozen.

But then managing the employment relationship is not just an HR or a Labour Relations issue. It is the responsibility of leadership … period!

As a practitioner working with executives from within their boardrooms (and being group chairman of an IT company and on other boards), I embraced being a contributor to Employment Relations: Back to Basics without hesitation because I know exactly what is needed out there.

Employment Relations: Back to Basics is an introductory work to employment relations. Employment relations as an overall integrative concept for human resources management, industrial relations and labour/employee relations set the parameters for a better competitiveness ability in the global village. This book should be on the desk for daily consultation by every leader in the organisation and should be the standard textbook for any labour relations; human resource management; industrial psychology and, in fact, any commercial programme.

Employment Relations: Back to Basics is published by LexisNexis South Africa. This and other legal titles are available at LexisNexis Store. For more information, visit

About the author
Jacobus Slabbert is an international specialist in employment relations management. He has authored 18 hard copy employment relations or subject related textbooks. He is also the creator of an international e-book series on employment relations.