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Academic institutions are not immune from labour problems

It is not only corporate employers who mess up their disciplinary, labour relations and performance management procedures. We have been asked to assist in more and more cases where academic institutions have breached labour law provisions because they have ignored their own policies.


Giving unions greater access to organisational rights

To represent their members and operate effectively, trade unions require certain privileges, which include access to their employer's premises, access to certain information, the ability to collect union dues and appoint shop stewards.
However, given the importance of collective bargaining in the national labour relations framework, the Labour Relations Act, No 66 of 1995 (LRA), has, in certain instances, elevated the above-mentioned privileges to legal rights.


What should you put into your social media policy?

At the beginning of last month, Jan Kemp Nel  told us what your legal rights are in terms of social media and how the courts deal with cases of “social media misconduct”. This month, he tells us what you need to put into your social media policy.


Knowing the law could make or break employee relations in your company

When I compare our clients who have poor employee relations with those who have sound employee relations, it is clear that, for the most part, what makes the difference is the quality and breadth of legal knowledge the employer’s line management, external consultants and industrial relations (IR) have.


Movement or progress?

Review of CCMA Arbitration Awards 

As we’ve reported over the past few months, the Labour Relations Amendment Bill proposes several changes to the current Labour Relations Act 66 of 1995 (LRA).