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Liberian job-seeker who was told “we don’t employ non-South Africans” wins CCMA case

A Liberian man was told just two-minutes into a job interview for a call-centre job in Cape Town that “Our company does not employ non-South African,” has been awarded compensation of R5,000 after taking his case to the CCMA.

He has been living in SA for the past six years and has papers that allow him to work in the country. He did not have his ID or proof of residency with him at the walk-in interview, but was not given an opportunity to produce those at a later stage. Nowhere in the advertisement had the company identified SA citizenship or employment equity imperatives as prerequisites for the job. The CCMA commissioner lambasted the company for discriminating against an asylum-seeker.

In its defence, the company said the man had been disqualified for not having relevant experience. Moreover, he had failed to produce his papers and was also said to have been rude and aggressive. Yet, the commissioner found that the rejection of the applicant “on the basis of his asylum-seeker status was absolute, outright and almost automatic. The discrimination was not justifiable or rational at all.” It was also said that by mistreating the man, the company had marginalised him, denying him his constitutional right to be fully integrated into society. It is not known if the company will be appealing against the ruling.

Source:The Star