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Solidarity launches cyber trade union for the modern world of work

Solidarity launched its new cyber trade union, Solidarity World, at the Atterbury theatre in Pretoria.

Dawie Roodt, chief economist of the Efficient group, was present and said that the new world of work required a type of organisation that was different to traditional trade unions and in this regard Solidarity was light years ahead of its rivals. Flip Buys, chairman of the Solidarity Movement, said the cyber union came about because of the shift in the economy from the old industries to the information age.

“We live in an age of computers, smart phones and technology. We want to adapt to that work because our members are modern workers in modern work places. The aim of Solidarity World is to meet that need.” He went on to say: It mustn’t just be a web page, but an interactive cyber trade union that offers fully digital services to any person in a work place.” Solidarity World will be additional to Solidarity’s existing union services. But it will also offer an all-encompassing service that will include legal advice and also advice about medical matters, health at work, finances and management of pension funds.

“It will also help to get you work, draw up CV’s and provide advice about occupational and career choices, which has never before been done by other trade unions.” Buys indicated that people can register online and the cyber union will be available 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Roodt said that the traditional role of trade unions as ideological organisations that only strive towards getting higher wages for their members is becoming ever more irrelevant.