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eStudy Wins Award

In recognition of eStudy’s accomplishments in the eLearning sector, CrossKnowledge has awarded them with the award for “Most Innovative Offer” as part of their Partner of The Year Awards, which are held once a year at CrossKnowledge’s annual partner conference.

eStudy is a South African company that works in partnership with CrossKnowledge to produce accredited eLearning content for the South African market, and for BEE requirements specifically. With the BEE Code clearly stipulating Category E (at least) accredited courses for 100% recognition value, eStudy demonstrates initiative in meeting company and BEE requirements. Furthermore, eStudy assists companies by providing advice on eLearning strategies (including content creation and implementation) and how to incorporate these eLearning strategies into a company’s overall business strategy. eStudy’s recommendations are appropriate and specific to each company that employs their services, including the accreditation of training courses within the SAQA, SETA, and QA structures.

Through their collaborative efforts, eStudy and CrossKnowledge have provided South African companies with internationally acclaimed and recognised eLearning solutions, (written by the Crossknowledge faculty members, global thought leaders who work at some of the world’s top business schools such as Harvard Business School, Yale University, University of São Paolo, etc.) ensuring that South African companies can remain competitive on both local and international markets. The eLearning solutions crafted by eStudy and Crossknowledge are accredited and encompass such categories as sales and marketing, corporate ethics, management- and leadership development, strategy planning, digital collaboration and productivity.

About the Award
CrossKnowledge usually only gives awards to established and long-time partners, but eStudy (a new company, less than a year old) grabbed CrossKnowledge’s attention by achieving what many have thought impossible: translating and tailoring CrossKnowledge’s vast content library to local markets and local legislation requirements. For this significant accomplishment, eStudy was awarded with “Most Innovative Offer”, beating several of CrossKnowledge’s international and established partners.

To adapt international content (such as what is produced by CrossKnowledge) to local contexts and then have it meet legislative requirements is no small feat. eStudy is currently making waves by being the market leader in South Africa to offer 123 officially accredited business courses, and businesses are quickly adopting eStudy’s training solutions to improve their functioning and efficiency.