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Make your office dynamic with these 3 pearls of wisdom

Linda Trim

1.    Don’t skimp on setting up your office

When you set up an office, there’s always a cost. It doesn’t have to be very expensive but you must definitely invest wisely when you set up your working environment. In a fast-paced world, strategies change continuously. Business leaders need to be able to adapt these seamlessly into the office space. 

2.    Make the space work for you

With an effective and well-planned office, you can save space and make it productive. Office rental prices are extremely high so it makes business sense to get this space work for you.  Planning an office saves on rental but it also attracts top talent to a company. Staff want to work in an attractive, dynamic environment.  And best of all, you’ll reduce staff turnover - it pays to keep employees happy.

3.    Consider leasing space for your office

Most companies have great investment plans for their surplus cash so spending money on fitting out their office and buying furniture really hurts their back pockets. They are loathe borrowing money from their banks as this ties up their credit lines. Renting fully-furnished offices will allow you to have a state-of-the-art office and still hang onto your cash in uncertain economic times.

Linda graduated with a BA Hons Psychology from Unisa in 2000. After graduating she moved to join her family in America. Upon her return to South Africa in 2001 she joined DAV as a recruitment consultant in the IT sector. In 2004 Linda joined Giant Leap as a Business Development consultant and was promoted to Business Development Manager in 2005. In 2006 Linda became a director of Giant Leap.

Linda was nominated in 2010 for the prestigious Women’s Property Network Five Star Woman Award. The WPN Five Star Woman Award recognises exceptional women within the commercial property industry of South Africa.