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Organisational performance delivery - a systems view success

We all have to tighten our belts and understand where the budget is being spent and why. This is also true for HR and Training Managers who have to report on the impact and value of the budget spent. Often, in consultation with management, we suggest solutions and interventions for performance issues, without evidence of what caused the performance gap, where the gaps are, what the reasons for the gaps are, and how to measure and evaluate the results and impact once the solution has been implemented.


Accelerating performance

Maureen is responsible for the release of materials – a specialist resource in a thriving organisation. She used to work with one project manager, but, together with other people around her, now has to do a lot more. Her project managers do not have time to give advice and she is increasingly working with project managers all over the world, receiving limited instructions and having to push out more. Maureen is struggling because she finds that sometimes she has no work and sometimes she is overloaded.