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Team Building

Calling all sports fans: Put your skills to the test and see how well you fare in team building!

I, for one, have never been the sporty kind – I was the kid who, every week without fail, begged my mother for a sick note for sport at school.


Motivate your team over a steaming-hot bowl of tagliatelle

But the trick is they won’t only be eating the tagliatelle – they’ll be making and cooking it!

Renowned chef, Peter Ayub (who was made famous by his Top Billing culinary pursuits), runs Sense of Taste in Cape Town. From humble beginnings in 2002, with only one staff member other than himself, his business has grown to an almost 20-strong team. And it is this team which has been tantalising the tastebuds of everyone from heads of state to well-known corporate clients.


How to team build in a racially-culturally-and-personality-conflicted team

In 2002, we were called in to Eskom by Bruce Moody, a high-level HR officer at Eskom. He said: “We have some heavy cultural clashes in a technical service centre in the Northern Province [now Limpopo].


Team development

The “team building” industry has acquired a fairly bad reputation over the past decade with every Tom, Dick and Sally qualifying themselves to do ‘team building’. Activities may be colourful and well-constructed but seem to lack a bit of depth. The focus is predominantly on 'fun' without delving into the deeper team dynamics at play within a particular social system.