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An unusual team-building service provider

When I first saw the name, “Blue Naartjie”, I did a double take.

I thought to myself: “Hmmm… I wonder what this is: A new delicacy that Blue Bulls supporters have invented to enjoy at the Currie Cup final? A deep-frozen naartjie?”

My curiosity being piqued, I did a bit more reading.

And what I found was an innovative and creative company!

Blue Naartjie Adventures and Team Build was founded in 2003 by Merle Adrian. According to their website, they specialise in:

  • Fun team-building activities;
  • Retreats;
  • Intensive team-building interventions; and
  • Everything in between.

They aim to provide unique, fresh and extraordinary team-building activities for corporates who’re looking for something different to ‘wow’ their staff.

And with clients such as the Department of Roads and Transport, Anglo American and Standard Bank praising their services, they must be succeeding in what they’re doing.

Let’s look at one of their team-building events. This particular event was put on for Eskom Pension and Provident Fund (EPPF).

How did EPPF brief Blue Naartjie?

EPPF wanted an end-of-year team-building activity for 100 staff members. The event had to offer each participant the opportunity to:

  • Be in a team environment;
  • Benefit from interacting with other team members; and
  • Learn the benefits of participation while having fun.

The activity had to:

  • Cater for physically-disabled people;
  • Not be physically strenuous; and
  • Be outdoors with a contingency plan if it rained

What format did the solution take?

EPPF decided to have a corporate fun day. The activities hosted in this event were all team related and each participant has to collaborate and work with the other members to achieve a particular outcome.
All participants had to take part in every single one of the activities so that everyone is kept busy all the time.

The event was designed to last two hours as the client had a prize giving and lunch afterwards, which meant that it couldn’t run late. They achieved this and delivered more than EPPF expected.

Was the event successful?

Yes, the day was extremely successful, so much so that EPPF called us the following week to say that absolutely everyone had enjoyed themselves and that all their disabled employees were able to take part. The client praised them on the efficient way the event and activity was facilitated.

Source: SA Labour News