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Team Building

Invest in your crayons – reap the benefits

We can learn a lot from crayons, that is, using the analogy of a box of crayons to define the different members that make up a team. Some are sharp, some are pretty, some are dull, some have strange names and all are different colours... but they all live together in the same box. When defining employees as crayons, it becomes evident that team building is a very important component of every organisation. Unfortunately, not many share this opinion.


Deliver business value through projects

Keeping a company on the rails is hard. Though an organisation might be singular in business vision, it comprises a myriad of expectations, approaches and deliverables. Like a colony of ants, a company may have one overarching purpose but that alone is no guarantee that everyone won't 'just do their own thing'. Among insects this is called a 'hive mind'. In a company, if this can't be sustained, the more apt word would be 'disaster'. What is the best way to keep the momentum going in a company?


Imagine if team building actually worked

While huge budgets are spent on team building initiatives, few companies report any increase in the execution capacity of whichever team was sponsored for such interventions.


An unusual team-building service provider

When I first saw the name, “Blue Naartjie”, I did a double take.

I thought to myself: “Hmmm… I wonder what this is: A new delicacy that Blue Bulls supporters have invented to enjoy at the Currie Cup final? A deep-frozen naartjie?”


A multicultural team-building event

I first came across Elephants in Main Street about two years ago, I must confess that I didn’t read up more about the company and made the assumption that the team-building events they put on had something to do with elephants…