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How to deal with executive poor performance

Codes of Good Practice: Dismissal

Confusion reigns among employers about what they can do when a senior employee doesn’t perform up to expectations. Much of this confusion is because arbitrators make apparently inconsistent findings. However, the problem isn’t with their findings; it’s with how these findings are interpreted.


Stop wishing and start doing

Much has been written about success but it often all comes down to the simple fact that success is not about who you are but about what you do.


How do psychological contracts impact workplace effectiveness?

The violation of a perceived psychological contract is a leading cause of disgruntled employees and even destructive behaviour in the workplace. This contract is built from perceived expectations, obligations and promises that the employee and employer build when they enter into a working relationship. This particular contract is not only influenced by personal beliefs but also through social and legal contracts.


The problem with instituting programmes for poor performers

Almost every organisation has some sort of programme, in place for non-performing employees, which is aimed at trying to improve their performance through means such as training and coaching. It is usually a formal process that is documented so that it complies with the Labour Relations Act (LRA) to show that the employee has been given guidance and an opportunity to meet specific performance standards. If the employee fails to meet these standards after a sufficient time, they may be dismissed. This type of programme sounds good in theory but has a number of fundamental flaws in practice.


A high-performance culture strengthens your business

High performance culture HR Pulse

Creating a high-performance culture can serve as an equaliser for the rich diversity in the South African workplace with employees generally perceiving high-performance team environments as less stressful and more productive.