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How to enable women to get higher positions

Women at the top

Considering that having women in the workplace has been a common occurrence since at least the 1960s, why do we still harp on about the issue? As long as women at all levels continue to express their dissatisfaction with working conditions, South African companies will have to address the issue of what they should do to make their workplaces more attractive to the fairer sex because, in short, is that it makes economic sense: research has shown that companies with more women on their boards consistently outperform those with fewer women.


Can Gen Y employees be the catalysts for the change we’ve been looking for?

Today, young people across the world are faced with more challenges than ever before. This generation is more connected and conscious, and is more predisposed to “putting their money where their mouths are” than previous generations. While they don’t hold the reigns to power in government and business, these young people have a voice that mattes and needs to be heard.


5 things you need to know before you design your open-plan office

The subject of open-plan offices is a hotly debated topic. Some people think that this type of office design is the best thing since sliced bread while others feel that it is the worst thing you could possibly do to your company. However you decide to design your office space, there are five important facts that you need to take into consideration before you embark on this massive (re)design process.


Ignoring crucial moments will spell the end of your organisation

Performance management, execution and delivery are crucial moments for any organisation, says Helene Vermaak, clinical psychologist and co-founder of The Human Edge. Crucial moments are periods when you experience inappropriate behaviour and if you do the right thing in these moments, it will significantly impact on your results and relationships. Conversations during these moments are sensitive, emotionally charged and risky. Unfortunately, many tend to shy away from having conversations at these times because they are emotionally unpleasant and difficult. But if you don’t have these crucial conversations, you could risk irreparably damaging your organisation…


Are gender wars a thing of the past?

South Africa Gender Wars

It is a sobering thought that although we've come a long way since our mother's days of gender inequality, it's no less real in 2013 than it was years ago.