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How to gain employee respect

Employee respect

More and more employers are completing employee surveys to try gain a better sense of what people feel in their workplaces. Unsurprisingly, the findings show that employees don’t have respect for each other and management. The need for respect in the workplace seems universal but not many see it that way.


How to deal with your staff’s New Year’s resolutions

Not many people look forward to returning to work in a new year after a long festive holiday.
To numb the pain, many come armed with New Year’s resolutions to improve focus, increase commitment and achieve new goals within their current position. Some even hope for promotion, a pay increase, a new job or even a complete career change.  How you respond to these New Year’s resolutions will make or break 2014 for your business. So the first step in managing risk is to identify staff whose New Year’s resolutions look to include finding another job.


Preventing fraud in the SA workplace

Prevent fraud at your company

Employing the right people makes a productive and healthy company, and goes a long way to preventing larceny and fraud. Corporate South Africa is becoming more aware of the risks and dangers of corruption often lurking inside its own ranks. No matter the size of your company, managing security systems and removing people risk from business is a strategic imperative if you don’t want internal swindlers to cut into your bottom line!


Welcome to the knowledge revolution

Wi-Fi. A desk. A computer. A telephone. Designing a functional workspace is easy, really. However, creating an office environment that maximises efficiency, increases satisfaction, inspires, and – (on top of it all) is environmentally friendly - is no simple task. As workspaces come under increasing scrutiny, companies are looking to ensure that their workspaces are providing maximum employee support - and are indeed working as hard as their employees to enhance profitability. How can you get this right?


What does game theory have to do with HR?

Game theory perfect storm

South African companies are going through a very difficult period that could arguably be likened to a ‘perfect storm’ as many industries are struggling to create sustainable growth because of, for example, increasing and aggressive labour unrest as well as fractures between unions and labour. For HR professionals to impact these issues and become key players in delivering on primary business objectives, a new type of thinking will need to be born. This needs to be one that combines science and humanities. Game theory is an approach that, if used correctly, will achieve this and significantly increase the likelihood of success.