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Corporate Culture

Bring your organisation’s strategy to life…

… and revitalise your talent management strategy

Organisations can dramatically enhance the return on investment from new business systems by investing in user-adoption programmes to embed new business processes into their cultures and workflows, and breathe new life into their talent management strategy. How is this possible?


What to do when your employees’ personal lives interfere with their work lives

As a manager, you tread a very fine line between sympathising with your employees and getting the best you can out of them for the benefit of the business: if you put a put a foot wrong you risk damaging your working relationship – and not being able to fix it. So where do you strike the balance?


How to solve one of your biggest business networking headaches

I started out, in the publishing industry, as a sub-editor. Sometimes, the editor of the conferencing publication would ask me to attend events on behalf of her publication. Having always occupied a desk-bound job, the prospect of getting out of the office was incredibly exciting and the events that I was asked to attend were always extremely glamorous. However, being very inexperienced in the ways of business, what filled me with terror was the looming presence of the business networking sessions...


How important is corporate culture in employee management?

Employee management

As an HR manager or business owner, you've been in the position of having to interview candidates for various positions in your company. I'm sure that sometimes you might have interviewed someone and their experience, skills and qualifications all say that they'd be perfect for the particular position you're hiring for. However because they don't have that 'x' factor – and don't fit into your company's culture you don't end up hiring them. But why's being a 'fit' into company culture so important in employee management?


Corporate culture is vital in employee management

Employee management

Your organisation's corporate culture is your organisation's most important element. It's even more important than your strategy because the most well-articulated and thought-out strategy can be derailed by a poor corporate culture of execution. It's HR's job to ensure that in all aspects of your business – employee management included – your corporate culture and strategy work hand in hand.