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Managed Solution Partnerships are key to talent strategy success

In today's fast changing global business environment, adaptability and responsiveness have become non-negotiable components for the sustainable success of any organisation. Given that - for the vast majority of companies, employees are central to the continued effectiveness of their operations – it's a business imperative that this adaptability and responsiveness be entrenched into workforce management practices, particularly those involving the contingent workforce or, as it is more commonly known, temporary staff.


Trust: an integral part in the employment relationship

To ensure that your company functions well and meets its objectives, you need to trust all the members of the various divisions in your organisation. However, when that trust is broken, the running of the company is fundamentally damaged. Trust is a mutual relationship so for you to trust your employees they've got to trust you enough to give their best for the organisation. So how can you make sure that your employees trust you?


Use this leadership approach for women at work

Women can achieve what they want by knowing what they want and creating a framework to achieve these goals. Smart companies understand the benefits of having female leaders and create corporate cultures that allows women to realise their ambitions. By combining the skills-sets of men and women, companies can create a more holistic leadership team, which is better equipped to manage the challenges of running an organisation. This holistic approach could bring about a powerful contribution and eliminate any blind spots that could be experienced by a male-only team. It's a win-win if you know how to do it...


A real example of gamification and employee engagement

As gamification grows in the world of business, organisations are being encouraged to engage in more exciting opportunities. These opportunities link gamification with behaviour change - increasing employee engagement across an array of workplaces. The question is how do you get gamification going on the ground?


Motivating employees - uphill battle or rolling stone?

It's a tough time of year for employers who are struggling to motivate their employees. Generally speaking, motivated employees are more productive and more loyal (even through the tough times). A motivated workforce means less absenteeism and it's more viable financially to motivate an employee than paying the costs to replace an unmotivated one. But how do you go about motivating employees? I've done some research and have found a few useful ideas.