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Make sure your GMAT showcases your business skills

Top business schools globally rely on the GMAT exam to determine who has what it takes to succeed both in the MBA classroom and the business arena. There is no other exam that allows prospective MBA (Master of Business Administration) students to showcase the real-life business skills that count both in the classroom and to employers more than the Graduate Management Admission Test or GMAT.


Learnerships are key to addressing SA’s skills shortage

SA's skills shortage, which mirrors a similar global trend, requires a proactive approach. Learnerships present a clear and practical solution to the problem. The programmes offer an efficient way of identifying and recruiting new people into your business, enabling employers to train on the job and help individuals develop industry-specific skills and general work readiness. A key benefit of learnership programmes is the potential to diversify the workforce, offering learnerships to school leavers who may not have access to tertiary education.


5 reasons why e-learning is the training solution for your workplace

E-learning has gained massive traction in workplaces around the world, although South African companies have been slower to embrace its potential. The benefits of e-learning are clear as it offers organisations more effective, cost-efficient ways of delivering training and educational content to employees scattered around the country.


Embrace e-learning to attract and retain top talent

South Africa is the most dynamic e-learning market in Africa and research has shown that learning will become increasingly integrated with work. In addition, both employers and employees recognise that the transfer of knowledge and theory can happen more efficiently in an engaging e-learning format. Working environments are changing and there's a constant need to train and retrain people rapidly in new technologies, products and services. E-learning is one of the best ways to do this. E-learning provides a way of optimising traditional face-to-face time and is more application-and-action based than the more traditional lecture.


Invest in management training to boost productivity

Basic leadership skills are vastly underestimated in the workplace. Many CEOs and company owners don't realise that their managers are the most important cog in the machinery of success. A Gallup poll surveying over one million Americans found that the biggest reason why people leave their jobs is due to a bad boss or direct supervisor. "People leave managers, not companies...In the end, turnover is mostly a manager issue," Gallup stated. It also revealed that poorly managed work groups were about 50% less productive and 44% less profitable than well-managed groups.