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4 Steps in a skills audit

Do you need to conduct a skills audit but don’t know what to plan for?  In this article, I’ve outlined four steps you need to take in your skills audit project. This list is not exhaustive and you might want to consider adding in steps such as time to review job titles, reporting structures and organisational structures in your process, depending on the situation in your company.


How can customised e-learning enhance your business performance?

How can customised e-learning enhance your business performance?

The eLearning industry is currently worth nearly US$6-billion (almost R59 billion) in the US and an estimated 77% of American companies are using online learning to develop and retain staff. As about 12 million people use the Internet in South Africa, it’s time for us to embrace this very lucrative industry.


5 methods for conducting a skills audit

Conducting a skills audit

There are various options available for conducting a best-practice skills audit. Selecting your method is a matter of balancing costs with the quality of what you want to achieve. In this article, I’ll look at five methods of conducting a skills audit to help you make an informed decision about the method that will suit your organisation best.


3 possible ways to solve SA’s skills shortage

Skills crisis

The issue of the skills shortage has had massive coverage across the whole of South Africa with business leaders across all the different sectors giving their two cents on the topic. Education is one of the solutions to the skills crisis and by introducing a different approach to workforce planning we can better prepare our youth for entry into the business environment. It’s time for companies to consider changing this aspect of talent management and reinforcing their support of business strategy.


What standards should I use to conduct a best practice skills audit?

Conducting a best practice skills audit requires the HR practitioner to develop and implement a skills audit plan that meets the needs of both the organisation and the workforce while complying with legislation and best practice standards.