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Would a systems thinking approach to education in South Africa work?

Systems thinking

A reported R129.5 billion is set to be pumped into the 2015/2016 social assistance programme and as a part of this plan, our government plans to up the number of schools that don't pay school fees. A noble cause? Most definitely but the critic in me that sees the lack of systems thinking involved in such a decision and how this very gesture could potentially affect the standard of education in our country. Will this budget allocation solve the core problem? Only time will tell but I think that the transformational attributes of systems thinking could do the trick.


6 skills that every project manager needs to have

Project management

The idea that anyone can manage a project team is simply not true. Although you can acquire project management skills quite easily, you’ll need additional skill sets to manage a project team effectively. There are many, many other skills that project managers need but here are six of the most important.


HR managers: 4 project management trends you need to know about

Project management

One of the major hurdles companies face when they try to extract the maximum value from their project management infrastructure is that project management, in practice, isn’t correctly perceived.  As you, the HR manager, are in the position of hiring project managers, you need to be aware of the major trends in this field.


Train and certify to keep yourself marketable

Employment tax incentive act for youth

With the level of competition for jobs on the increase in South Africa, there’s a very real need for job seekers to keep up with the market’s skills requirements. The somewhat controversial Employment Tax Incentive (ETI) Act serve as a reminder to businesses about the role commerce can play in equipping the country’s youth to form part of - and contribute to - the economy.


Steer clear of fly-by-night colleges


2014 is here and with it comes the usual start-of-the-year scramble of people trying to secure their spaces at colleges and tertiary institutions. Education expert Dr Felicity Coughlan, director of the Independent Institute of Education, advises prospective students - including employees looking to register for part-time studies - that they must carefully scrutinise institutions before signing up.