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Lessons we can learn from the modern American HR director

HR directors are still not as prevalent as they should be in the C-suite of South African companies. For those looking to make the step up to the board, it's worthwhile to learn what it takes to cut it as an HR director and what issues the average HR director faces on a daily basis. In this article, I look at the average modern American HR director to find out what type of individual occupies this position, what issues he or she faces as well as the qualifications this person has.


How to win the talent war and succeed in employee management

When you question how you can win the talent war, you need to be concerned about the employee management systems you have in place in your company as these processes maintain certain behaviours among your staff, said Mpho Makwana – chairman at ArcelorMittal South Africa at the recent IPM HR Director's Leadership Summit. Your organisation's employee management systems determine how your employees perform. So how will this help you win the talent war?


Business ethics: The secret to gaining the competitive edge (Part 1)

In a day, you'll probably hear between 20 and 50 lies. I heard this shocking fact during an episode of the documentary Head Games. This surprising revelation managed to wake me up from my 'TV-induced' coma and made me think that the idea of good business ethics sounds laughable. However, after hearing Cynthia Schoeman - the MD of Ethics Monitoring and Management Services – speak at the annual Assessment Centre Study Group (ACSG) Annual Conference - I realised that good business ethics is extremely beneficial in your employee management practices and to a company's bottom line. Keep reading to find out the secret to achieving a high ROI and a competitive edge for your company ... at absolutely no cost.


Treat your employees like you would your customers

Today, companies not only have to provide excellent products and innovative ideas but they also have to have the after-sales service to back up their offerings. This is a critical part of any company and 97% of CEOs out there appreciate this requirement. Your employees now want to be treated like customers, which means that HR needs to change the way it delivers the service they provide. What does this mean?


Why management needs to invest in a personal coach

It's critical, says seasoned business coach Shirley Hulley, to choose the right coach for you. Most experienced executive coaches will allow you to have a preliminary session to see if you're a good match and to discuss what you want to work on: a specific issue or – to borrow Hulley's terminology - 'the bigger picture'. "A great coach," says Hulley," will hold you accountable for your actions and bring clarity to situations which may feel chaotic or hopeless." Here are three very good reasons why business leaders should carefully consider engaging a personal coach.