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HR can prevent costly suspensions

Employees are suspended from duty for different reasons that may include the following:

  • One form of suspension is a temporary lay-off of employees due to operational circumstances. This might be implemented in such a way that the employees agree to the lay-offs with some hope of more work and revenue being acquired in the future. In such circumstances the employees would not be paid but would still be the employees of the employer. 


Balancing people and profit

Managing performance is one of the toughest functions that a manager performs and one of the most difficult ordeals an employee experiences. There is usually tension in organisations around ‘performance rating time’ and this is due to a few underlying factors that form the foundation of whether a performance management system is successful or not.


The new employee relations agenda

The previous article in HR Pulse discussed employee relations as a strategic priority. Following this theme, the role of the employee relations function and the agenda it focuses on, needs to adapt. This is in order to provide a new framework within which to set the employment relationship as a strategic priority, which provides for competitive advantage.


Is employee relations really that simple?

"We came to mourn and show solidarity with the poor... people who put their lives on the line digging the precious minerals hidden beneath this soil…  we pray that the events that led to their death will bring some change, especially for those left behind, orphans, widows and co-workers." – Methodist Bishop Paul Verryn.


Preparing for the 2020 Workplace

While local organisations continue to tackle diversity issues along the lines of race, gender, sexual orientation and physical disability, there is another, often overlooked element that is very much part of the diversity mix: age diversity.