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Positioning the business to meet its goals

The days of ivory tower managerial styles - where all information is provided on a 'need-to-know' basis and goals are departmentalised - are well and truly over. The best way to position a company to meet its goals is to ensure there is effective communication across the board. But where do you begin?


Discover a novel assessment technique to use in your employee management

One of the greatest challenges many organisations face is the ability to predict, consistently and accurately, the ability of its workforce to deliver. This is also an ongoing challenge in any company's employee management practices, especially where communities are served across an extensive geographical areas. So for your company to achieve its goals and objectives, it's critically important that your hire people, with the right skills. It's also vital they have the appropriate potential, ability and interest add value to your business. So how can you find these people for your business? What assessment technique could you use?


7 things you need to know about being the boss…

Being the boss and employee management

- and effective employee management

So you’re now a ‘boss’ to someone. Congratulations! It promises to be an interesting and no doubt challenging journey as you embark on the path of managing employees.  As you assume this new responsibility, there are a few things you should be aware of.


What every executive should know about storm-chasing

Fast-evolving, emerging markets mean today’s executive must exercise all the strategy and focus of a storm chaser to survive the extreme conditions global business presents.


How can your HR processes support your company's leadership brand?

In this highly competitive modern business world, South African companies need to find solutions to differentiate themselves from competitors in the global and local marketplaces. One of the ways to assist with this is to develop a unique leadership brand for your company.