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Don’t make this classic leadership mistake when you lead Millennials


Leaders are struggling to come to grips with the new generation of workers that’s occupying the 2013/2014 workplace. The mistake they’re making is believing that the Millenial’s highest priority is their pay packet. Those that continue to make this leadership mistake will get a nasty surprise.Why you ask? You’ll just have to keep reading…


What’s happened to the passion in our workplaces?

Passionate leadership

Leaders are less passionate about what they do and the same can be said of employees in general - fortunately with exceptions here and there. Simple passion for one’s job seems to be disappearing quickly in the modern workplace, and as this happens the passion for excellence is also severely impacted in a negative way. Why is this? How can we turn this situation around?


6 Steps to manage talent and build leadership in your organisation

The topic of this year’s convention held by the Institute of People Management, was HR inspiring the new revolution. If we think about the ‘new revolution’ as a global organisation, the key challenge for us is about productivity and how we can get more out of the resources we have. In this highly competitive world, the only way we can continue to compete is by increasing productivity.  


Four secrets of women at the top

While companies and government undoubtably can do more to promote women in leadership positions, women need to learn how to tap into their unique strengths and use existing platforms to become more successful in the business world. Discover four secrets of successful women at the helm of business.


Being successful means leading by example

Humans have known for millenia that leading by example does lead to sustainable success. As many a tyrant has discovered, the orgies and conspicuous consumption may be fun while it lasts, but the ultimate price is high.