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What kind of power do you wield in the workplace?

Power struggles

Holding a position of authority in the workplace is a huge responsibility. As an entry-level employee at a media company, I hear about both management’s and employees’ struggles with power on a daily basis. These struggles can mean the difference between a good corporate culture and a toxic workplace. If you’re in a position of power, you need to know the type of power you wield and how it influences those who report to you.


We need robust, ethical leadership for these turbulent times

New leadership

Turmoil, uncertainty and risk are the watchwords of the global economy today. Businesses operate in a complex, unstable environment where old models and systems are no longer reliable.


Leaders are not born but are made – by their followers

More than ever, today the world needs leaders who aren’t only intellectually smart but emotionally intelligent, insightful, compassionate and values based.

Leaders who’re attuned to their followers can use this as a springboard to provide leadership into an uncertain future. A leader cannot stand alone. He or she must stand with their followers, interpret for them, strive to fulfil their hopes and be their champion in the struggles of life. Leadership is achieved, not given.


The demand for top leaders increases

Companies are desperate to recruit outstanding leaders for their top positions, which can be seen by the sharp rise in the number of requests for senior executive candidates who have the complete package of leadership qualities.


What should CEOs do every day?

Art of CEO selection

Working in the field of psychological assessments, I get to meet a lot of CEOs and other senior people in organisations. (I’ll call them ‘seniors’ but the term is to do with rank, not age.)  I like the time that I spend with these high-functioning people and one of the things I am interested in is what they do all day. The responses are always interesting and contradictory, yet complex, intriguing and yet equally perilous.