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Candace Bosch joins CGF to bolster executive training

CGF Research Institute (Pty) Ltd (‘CGF’) is delighted to welcome Candace Bosch to our team as from the beginning of April 2015, where she will specialise as a Lead Contractor in Executive Training.

Having completed her Bachelor of Arts degree for Monash University in 2010, Candace pressed on to complete an Honours and Masters degree in Communication and Media Studies which she completed in 2014.  Being no stranger to Monash University, and considering her passion for communication and media studies, Candace then found herself lecturing to the university’s first, second and third year students. Here she prided herself in producing and lecturing appealing course content that capitalised on the latest trends and interests for her students at large.

Prior to joining CGF, Candace also worked at Aquavision TV Productions where she was the Head of Research. Candace’s position at Aquavision, including her last position as a conference producer at ITWeb provided her extensive experience in writing, researching and event management. At ITWeb, Candace was responsible for ensuring all intellectual content was accurate and that it was relevant for the requirements sought by its audiences. She was also involved in conducting market research and, inter alia; producing quality conferences and executive forums for the information technology and telecommunications sectors.

Candace’s main focus at CGF will revolve around the CGF governance training. Not only will she focus on public governance courses such as Governance Beyond Boards and the Corporate Governance Framework, she will also include private governance courses as different workshop possibilities. As a business minded professional -- who is acutely aware of the consequences of poor governance -- Candace will be able to assist our clients find immediate value in the nature of this type of training. Her established business networks with key professionals, industry leaders and senior executives will most certainly bring a renewed focus to this critical aspect of running an organisation.