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Rewards can entice and retain generation Y

Last week, we gave you a couple of tips from Zinhle Matentji about how to manage generation Y in the workplace. We’ve just heard that research undertaken by the Department of Industrial Psychology at the North-West University (NWU) has uncovered more specific details about what attracts generation Y.


How can you effectively engage your employees?

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again: Technology has turned the world we live in upside down. Our communication methods have done a total 180 degree turn thanks to the likes of Facebook and Twitter. In six months, a motor vehicle company can imitate, produce and bring to market a vehicle that another company has only just launched - the turnaround time was once something like six or seven years…


How to encourage “A” players in your office

Office design and layout plays an integral part in how people perform and how productive they are at work. All employers want the most out of their employees and it is important to keep in mind that it isn’t just money that drives people: You need to create a space where people want to come to work, be productive and be the best that they can be. So what, then, is the secret to creating and keeping “A” players in your team?


How to attract and retain exceptional talent

Across the world, the war for talent has been raging for many years – and South Africa is no exception. Today’s highly-competitive business environment has led to people becoming a key differentiator for most companies and brands.


Game of chicken: Role of line managers in talent planning

‘Playing chicken’ originated from medieval France, where all you needed was a group of friends, a pot and a chicken. Each person placed an equal amount of money into the pot and the chicken was shooed away to a reasonable distance. Everyone would then take turns throwing stones at the chicken and the first person to hit the chicken won. In essence, playing a game of chicken was gambling.