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What makes gamification so exciting and unique?

What makes gamification so exciting and unique

What makes gamification so stimulating and distinctive in South Africa at the moment is its air of mystery and intrigue. The very idea of games, fun and laughter is definitely not synonymous with the hard and serious space of work and business. This makes what we want to share with you so great because not only does it link work and play but it has something to offer every single person, no matter their age, station or Industry. So here we go!


How can training assist in developing employee engagement?

The last two to three decades have seen tectonic shifts in the world of work. Utterly dead is the concept of a faceless and mechanised workforce who follows processes blindly. It has been replaced by the idea of motivated individuals whose capacity for creative problem-solving and meaningful contribution positions them as potential partners for future growth. The question is how to empower existing employees to greater and greater contributions, efficiencies and innovations? The Human Resource Practice provides some insights.


Employee engagement: myth or mystery?

The problem with the term ‘employee engagement’ is that it has too often been used as a stand-in description for employee satisfaction.

Engagement is not satisfaction. Yes, it is true that a happier or more satisfied employee is more likely to have an increased level of discretionary effort but more importantly, there are employees who are happy simply because they don’t feel the need to do much. This is the dilemma that has organisations questioning both the importance and relevance of measuring engagement. And this is where I come in to clear a few things up…


Fresh intelligence from Databuild’s unique people

Highly engaged people: that’s Databuild’s new secret weapon. Developed out of CEO Morag Evans’ conviction that supremely aligned and motivated staff would give Databuild the edge over competition into the future, the market intelligence firm launched an initiative to involve all 50 employees intimately in plans to distinguish an experience of the Databuild brand from rivals.


Happy employees equal happy customers

Although companies across the globe are battling with the current economic instability, according to an international corporate study, employee engagement worldwide and perceptions of their work experience improved in 2012.