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Employee Engagement

A real example of gamification and employee engagement

As gamification grows in the world of business, organisations are being encouraged to engage in more exciting opportunities. These opportunities link gamification with behaviour change - increasing employee engagement across an array of workplaces. The question is how do you get gamification going on the ground?


Tailored messaging for effective employee engagement

Beyond the theory of effective employee engagement lies the challenge of implementing effective internal communication that is going to engage, inform and act as a call-to-action. In my consulting practice, there are assumptions that I see detracting from effective internal communication all too often. Tailoring messages to audiences is both an art and a science and for your communication to be effective, you need to get this balance right. Read on to find out how to do this.


Is true employee engagement possible?

This is part 1 in three-part series

Given the recent protracted platinum mining industry strikes, is there any possibility that you can find a way to balance the needs and wants of both the employer and the employee? I believe that there is a way and it's found in honest and authentic discussions and dialogue with all stakeholders – not merely by using employee engagement - to find the common ground in the form of principles and beliefs which will underpin the way the company gives each and every single employee rewards (through a comprehensive reward philosophy and strategy).


Bettering the bell curve with employee engagement

The workplace has changed over the last few decades. There’s a growing consciousness the previously accepted business model for employee satisfaction is no longer acceptable if companies have aspirations of staying relevant. Previous models were based on the accepted norm that the majority of people in an organisation ranged from unhappy to ‘happy-ish’ and a bell curve where there will always be a significant, though small, group of people who’re unhappy at work*. The vast majority of the workforce, however, are just going through the motions - happy enough, but certainly not ecstatic. How can this be healthy?


Leaders need to inspire employee engagement

It's not only an employee's responsibility to ensure they're engaged at work. The bulk of the burden falls on leadership to ensure employee engagement in the workplace. Leaders need to give employees the recognition they need and deserve to inspire them to greater heights. But how can this be done?